Occupant Warning Systems

A proactive approach towards hazards is necessary to prevent loss of lives and property. The early detection and effecting warning of hazard events are critical components for an effective preventive measure. Modern occupant warning systems allow for a complete and controlled evacuation of a building when emergencies happen.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., we offer a wide range of warning systems for residential and commercial buildings. We aim to customise the warning systems installation we offer to better protect our clients from harm. We can offer a full design and install service with our catalogue of ready-to-install and modular warning systems. Over the years, we have built expertise in installing effective warning systems for fire and burglary.

Burglar alarms

A properly installed and well-maintained burglar alarm system is a worthwhile investment. Effective burglar alarms detect breaches in residence or business. They alert the occupants or the authorities, and can also potentially scare away the burglars.

The most basic burglar alarm systems monitor the perimeter of a building for breaches through doors and windows. They can be grouped into two broad types. Open-circuit burglar alarms function by closing the electric circuit when breaches are detected. Closed-circuit burglar alarms work the opposite way in that a breach cuts off the electric circuit.

CMA Electrical and Data has the catalogue and expertise of important burglar alarm system components such as control panels, window sensors, door sensors, and other advanced motion sensors.

Fire alarms

The first step to protecting lives and property against fire is setting up a high-quality fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, occupants must be aware of the emergency, and must promptly respond. Effective fire alarm systems must generate and control distinct sound signals to every corner of the building. Warning lights are also desirable when the use of sound or noise is ineffective. In addition, some fire alarm systems are capable of routine public address announcements use.

Fire alarm systems can be categorized under various types. There are conventional systems that detect the presence of fire and addressable systems that can further pinpoint the location. Automatic systems are common in the form of smoke detectors, while manual systems are mandatory in the form of call points and pull stations. One-stage systems warn the entire building population in the event of a fire while two-stage systems filter through authorized personnel first.

Whatever system you intend to install, CMA Electrical and Data has the catalogue and expertise of important fire alarm system components such as fire alarm panel, detectors, call points, pull stations, sounders, flashers and power supply accessories.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., we understand the multitude of available components for occupant warning systems. Our highly experienced team has installed on multiple locations of varying needs and constraints. Besides fire and burglar alarms, we are capable of other forms of systems pending consultations with you. For your occupant warning system needs, whether commercial or residential, get in touch with one of our experienced staff today.

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