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CCTV and Security Camera Installation

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a surveillance system that allows recorded and real-time monitoring of what is happening in and around your property. It can deter or detect criminal activity such as burglary, vandalism and arson. Modern CCTV systems combine modern hardware and software to provide higher image clarity, faster frame rates, more affordable storage options, and compatible formatting. Advanced surveillance software can even implement face and motion detection, and more specific applications such as people counting, licence plate recognition and temperature reading.

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Our CCTV Camera Installation Service Includes:

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, offers comprehensive surveillance for your property. With CCTV installation and security camera installation in Adelaide, it deters and detects criminal activities like burglary, vandalism, and arson. Modern systems provide enhanced image clarity, faster frame rates, and cost-effective storage options. They also support advanced features like face and motion detection, people counting, license plate recognition, and temperature reading.


CCTVs capture video footage and are desirable for installation in high-crime places. The presence of CCTVs can discourage misconduct among potential criminals. When crimes do happen, CCTV footage can greatly aid in the recovery and litigation efforts. The camera is, therefore, the first consideration in installing a CCTV surveillance system.

CCTV cameras have two broad types: analog and digital. Analog cameras transfer footage to the recorders via wires. Digital cameras, also called IP cameras, transfer footage via a wireless protocol. Each type offers various benefits, depending on building needs. Analog cameras are affordable and effective on properties with a smaller area. Digital cameras offer flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning.

Display Units

A CCTV system must include display units both for real-time and on-demand footage review. Display units can range from a black-and-white screen to an HD colour monitor. With NVRs, remote access is also possible using smartphones and laptops.


Whether analog or digital cameras are used, wiring is an important component for CCTV systems. Data cables link different pieces of equipment together – from cameras, recorders, and display units to modems. Electrical wires provide the needed power for equipment to function.


Captured footage must be stored for CCTV cameras to be fully functional. Captured footage can be viewed later with recorders. One must consider several factors when choosing the right recorder. Storage size, video compatibility, and price are almost always some of these.

Two broad types of recorders are available: DVRs and NVRs. DVRs or digital video recorders are compatible with analog cameras and offer basic functionality in storage. NVRs or network video recorders can work with both analog and digital cameras. NVRs are modern solutions that enable advanced features like remote access of footage via smartphones.

Why Choose CMA Electrical and Data for CCTV Installation in Adelaide

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., we understand the multitude of available components for CCTV systems. Our highly experienced team has installed on multiple locations of varying needs and constraints. We value collaboration and thus have a consultative approach when dealing with our clients. For your CCTV system needs, whether commercial or residential, get in touch with one of our experienced staff today.

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