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Modern and Practical Lighting Solutions

The team at CMA Electrical has many years of experience in providing a wide range of lighting solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Here are a few of the most popular lighting options we offer our customers in Adelaide.

Types of Lighting Solutions We Offer

LED Downlights

LED downlights are one of the most energy-efficient solutions when it comes to residential lighting. They do not clutter your space and offer a clean and tidy lighting solution for rooms of all sizes.

At CMA Electrical, we have the skill and experience to install downlights in the most ideal way to suit your space. We can also replace your damaged or old downlights with more modern and energy-saving products. If needed, our qualified team of Adelaide electricians can repair your LED downlights saving you both time and money.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are perfect for achieving a sleek and modern look. Our experienced team can advise you on the type of light fixture, brand and positioning to help you get the best outcome.

We can help with the ceiling light installations and also provide repair on existing light fixtures. If you have a pre-defined aesthetic for your space, we can find you a suitable replacement at an affordable price.

Outdoor Lights

With years of experience in providing lighting solutions, we have the knowledge to recommend the best outdoor lighting for your property. We can install outdoor lights for your pathway, landscape or poolside, highlighting the best features of your premises.

You can rest assured that we only use the best quality product ensuring a long-lasting solution. We also offer repairs and easy replacement of your outdoor lights for hassle-free maintenance.

Why Choose Us for Lighting Solutions in Adelaide

With over a decade of dedicated electrical service to the Adelaide community, CMA Electrical has established a proud reputation as a trusted provider. When it comes to your lighting needs, you can rely on our experienced and skilled electricians. Contact our team today to discuss your lighting needs.

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