How to Find a Domestic Electrician in Adelaide

Finding a domestic electrician in Adelaide during a tradie drought

Across Australia, after the series of natural disasters the whole nation has experienced, you hear the same line everywhere. You hear it at corporate functions, at barbeques or social events Anywhere busy homeowners gather to socalise or network, the same line “It’s impossible to get a tradie”. 

It is the same complaint across South Australia and in every corner of the country, wherever home renovation or repairs are needed, or rebuilding is underway.

Everybody has heard the story of placing a call to a company to hire a tradesman and have a long wait or, worse, a “no show”.

According to Domain Property News in February 2022 “Australia’s tradie shortage is unlikely to end any time soon” as the ongoing house building and renovation boom keeps skilled tradespeople like plumbers, bricklayers, electricians and builders busier than ever.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) believes the shortage could last for at least another two years, possibly longer, as tens of thousands of homes begin construction across the country.

The Association’s figures show 125,000 houses are expected to begin construction this year across Australia following a record 149,000 in 2021.”

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Is there a shortage of domestic electricians in Adelaide?

Data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) revealed that only 268,600 people were undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship in 2017.

An employment snapshot by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee stated that “the employment level for the occupation of Electricians more than doubled since 2001 to reach 169,300 in 2021, however levels are projected to decrease by 2025”. 

On social media some commentators report that there has been a Tradie Drought for 30 Years and this is not news.  Others suggest that Media Barons are pushing a false narrative that we have a tradie shortage and that we should allow more 457 visas into the country (thus dropping the wage).

Despite this opinion, it is undoubted that there has been an impact of staff shortages through Covid.  

Master Electricians Australia CEO, Malcolm Richards, said that unless there was a reversal to the alarmingly low trend [of decreases in apprentices] then it would prohibit future government energy initiatives.

“There is presently a record low rate of apprentices which is going to lead to a major shortage of qualified tradespeople in the coming years,” Mr Richards said.

“Highly skilled and well-trained tradespeople are going to be essential to the Australian energy sector in the future, particularly with the advancement of new technologies.

“MEA welcomes government initiatives as well as investment in new technologies in the energy sector, but we need the tradies in place to deliver these programs.

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee states that “the Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee reported the most commonly identified reasons for skills shortages, as named by employers, were: ageing workforce/current staff retiring, cost/time to achieve the required qualification, competition from other organisations, wages/salaries considered too low and the geographic location of the vacancy.


What is being done to bring more domestic electricians to Adelaide?

The Australian Government 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission report asserted that this presents an excellent opportunity to encourage young people into the industry as well as reskilling prospective apprentices from other affected vocations. With a forecasted strong emergence of new technologies including batteries, solar infrastructure and electric vehicles, the electrical services trade will become ever more essential to daily life.”

The answer – it takes good employers to attract and retain good apprentices.

There is an emphasis on mentoring and training to combat the skills crisis on a local level and reverse the trend of the high attrition rate of apprentices. 

National Electrical and Communications Association SA and NT executive director, Larry Moore, said “improving completion rates would be crucial for making that happen”.

“I did a survey a couple of years ago in SA where the completion rate was about 68 per cent of electrical apprentices which is a massive investment.

“It’s pretty obvious that good mentoring and good recruitment is all important to keep those kids in the apprenticeship.”


You can still find a domestic electrician for your needs

With the statistics in mind, is it possible to get an electrician for your commercial project or home with a lack of apprentices coming up through the ranks nationally? 

While the industry urges patience, it is not the case with a lot of local electrical service providers, such as CMA Data and Electrical, based in Clarence Gardens.

CMA agrees that targeted and effective mentoring is critical to see apprentices through to the completion of their qualification.

CMA Data and Electrical educate their apprentices with the philosophy, “We have built up a passionate team of qualified electricians who are dedicated to their work and also appreciate the lighter side of life. “

“We love building relationships with our customers and having a laugh when we can. We truly believe if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day of your life.”

Resilience in the industry means evolution in a new environment. CMA Electrical and Data has a youthful and dynamic team, ready to adapt and respond by training apprentices in all areas of electrotechnology.

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Our team of domestic electricians at CMA Electrical can help

In the case of electrical faults, there is a need for a very quick turnaround of repairs to maintain safety and to minimise downtime and loss of productivity. 

CMA has demonstrated a very good response time with a  rapid response of highly skilled electrical technicians. 

When it’s not a rapid response you require but the reliability and support of a highly skilled and trustworthy technical crew for your commercial build, retrofit of new premises, or

simply electrical maintenance and overhaul of an ageing electrical system, there is still a need for a prompt response. 

All commercial businesses require the support of a team of technical experts that can be counted upon to respond and provide the solution promptly.

When choosing a qualified electrician, you must be sure they are right for the job. Ideally, you would be best advised to create a relationship with a company that has a diverse range of electrical technicians with skill and expertise in all skill areas. 

From month to month, as a commercial business, your needs will vacillate between standard electrical maintenance, telecommunications, audiovisual, data cabling, access control or safety and security. Partnering with a company that has enough staff to respond to any of these requirements promptly is why CMA Data and Electrical has proved to be a popular choice.

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