Finding a Hi-Tech Electrician to Meet the Needs of a Hi-Tech Workplace

Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

We’ve all seen a TV show or movie made in the 20th century, an episode of a science fiction classic like Star Trek set in 2266.  There were body scanners, eye recognition technology, Communicators, Tricorders, and Telepresence, what seemed like magically opening doors on a spaceship. These were wonders of the future, and we believed that they would only be a possibility in the far-flung future. Now we know the reality of it because some of these technologies now exist and not just in the skyscrapers of our cities but are everyday features of our urban and suburban workplaces.


As innovations that were just science fiction a few years ago become a reality in Australia’s homes and commercial premises, there is high demand for electrical tradespeople to have the training, adaptability and skills to implement new technologies.

Your local electrician was once called to run electricity through your business, install power points, lighting, appliances and air conditioning systems and even did part of their electrical apprenticeship training in a commercial blacksmith’s workshop to learn their trade.

As the Electrotechnology (as it is now called) trainer, TAFE states, “The digital age is creating an unprecedented demand for electricians specialising in telecommunications, instrumentation, information technology, and security and electronic control systems.” 


Now there is a requirement for high-tech, flexible and functional workplaces. Adaptable, sustainable, cost-effective premises are making the most of smart technologies, energy savings, and resource efficiency. Commercial business technologies range from simple security cameras and alarm systems to sliding glass entry doors, keypads, card-based or smart card tap entry, to biometric technologies, such as facial recognition, retinal scanners, and fingerprint scanners.

CMA Electrical Commercial Electricians installing smart technology in Adelaide workplaces

Who Has the Skills?


 With these innovations ubiquitous in our daily routine this is why it is important to choose an electrical company that has the skills essential for the 21st Century. There has been a revolution in the electrical trades industry to be a company that uses their youth and expertise as technicians and CMA Electrical and Data is an example of the electricians of the new age of high-tech business.


With these changing demands your commercial electrician needs to have the skills and experience in automation, instrumentation, renewable energy and telecommunications.  They must have the expertise to install Access Control, Audio Visual requirements, Data Cabling, Electrical Maintenance, Interactive Technology and Occupant Warning systems.


Who Gets In and Who Stays Out

Security of commercial buildings is now a high priority. Employees need easy access to their workplace while restricting unauthorised entry. 


Limiting access by unauthorised members of the public and maintaining a high level of security reduces theft, threats to staff safety and intrusion events. 

An access control system is a frontline in securing property and is vital for record-keeping and knowing what personnel are present in the event of an emergency.

This is achieved through designing, installing and supporting access control systems with key cards, and biometric controls with multifactor authentication. 


CMA Electrical and Data install access control systems customised to suit the business requirements, including easy employee entry and exit of the premises, which maximises security, staff safety and record keeping, including touchless options to minimise transmission of infection in the case of Covid 19.


The Flexibility of Remote Communications

Since the outset of the pandemic, the communication needs of businesses have been supercharged. Thousands of staff have had to embrace video conferencing apps and technologies from home. The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics states that staff working from home increased from 8.4 per cent pre-pandemic to 40.6 per cent in August 2021.

Many businesses have had to concede to the adoption of tailored Audio-Visual facilities for communication on large scale with staff and clients.


Medical clinics now offer telehealth consultations, as telehealth became a major modality of health care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a business advantage to offer care to people in isolation or in remote communities.

Telehealth use grew across all surgical specialties worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While rates of telehealth use have declined as in-person care has resumed, telehealth use remains substantially higher across all surgical specialties than it was prior to the pandemic. According to researchers at Flinders University’s College of Medicine & Public Health, 60% of Australian medical clinics reported an increase in video consultations.


It is vital that every electrical service provider needs to be competent in the supply and installation of AV hardware, and its maintenance and service. This extends beyond telemedicine to boardrooms and training facilities, large format projection and digital theatre fit-outs, interactive whiteboards and classroom installations, and ultra-short throw projection. It also includes the ability to install and maintain interactive technology touchscreen solutions for educational institutions.


Of course, along with our need for networked computers comes a need for an electrician to be  highly skilled in the installation of data cabling, site audits, design and construct projects installations of Cat 6, Cat 6a and Cat 7, installations of optical fibre systems, backbone cabling (voice and data), professional testing equipment, manufacturer certified Warranties and wireless LANs.

Man using smart technology in his Adelaide home

Secure & Safe


Any emphasis on security and safety for commercial premises includes the installation of safety systems that are no longer just the domain of fire safety and security companies. Your electrician can install occupant warning systems such as burglar alarms, smoke alarms, 

and fire alarms, which are an increasing area of expertise for electrical contractors.

Protecting lives and property against fire with automated systems like smoke detectors or mandatory manual systems, with suitable alarms sounding to all parts of the premises, such as distinct sound signals and warning lights if needed.


Burglar alarms can be installed to monitor perimeter breaches, and CCTV cameras can be installed for security and safety, including wiring, recorders, DVR & NVR with enhanced features such as the convenience of remote access via smartphone.


So, your commercial electrician has evolved into a whole new style of Tradesman. They still require the electrical maintenance skills of traditional electricians, fixing faults, safety testing, rewiring and overhauling electrical systems, installing and updating more cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting, and implementing solar systems. Now they also need to have morphed into the highly technical world of telecommunications, and your choice of electrician should include one that can achieve all the highly targeted performance levels your commercial building now requires. 


The innovative team of CMA Electrical and Data technicians are constantly monitored to ensure their skills are kept up to date with the latest technologies.

Trust an experienced and passionate commercial electrical service to provide the services in your commercial building or refit.


While no electrician can yet install a transporter to “Beam Us Up”, your 21st-century electrician can install and maintain almost everything else.


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