CCTV Installation in Adelaide

CCTV System Installation for Adelaide Businesses

CCTV – closed-circuit television – gives businesses round-the-clock security protection. Surveillance cameras deter or detect criminal activity such as burglary, vandalism and arson. CCTV can also improve business efficiency and productivity.

In South Australia, for example, CCTV installation in Adelaide and further afield by CMA Electrical and Data helps a wide range of businesses with customised surveillance systems with multiple benefits such as:

  • Intruder deterrence and detection.
  • Video footage for evidence in criminal proceedings.
  • Monitoring staff safety and performance.
  • Helping with insurance matters.

Modern CCTV systems consist of four main components:

  • Camera.
  • Monitor.
  • Recorder.
  • Wiring.


What are CCTV cameras?


CMA Electrical Technician installing CCTV camera for an Adelaide BusinessCCTV cameras can be analogue or digital.

Analogue cameras transfer captured video footage to a recorder through wires. They’re affordable and effective on smaller sites but the signal can fail over longer distances.  

Digital cameras – or IP (internet protocol) cameras – send footage wirelessly, and you can view it online. They produce images with higher resolution and have features such as remote zoom and repositioning.

There are many types of CCTV cameras, including: 


Pan, tilt and zoom CCTV cameras

PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras have a 360-degree field of vision and can focus closely on a subject. They’re popular with businesses such as large stores and museums, with security guards monitoring live video feed.


Bullet CCTV cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras have a cylindrical design with a weatherproof casing. They’re most commonly placed outdoors because they can cover long distances. Businesses that use bullet cameras include property management, farming, and manufacturing.


Dome CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras with a dome-shaped casing monitor a wide angle. This makes them ideal for shops, restaurants, hotels and casinos.


High-definition CCTV cameras

High-definition (HD) CCTV cameras produce images of outstanding clarity, with no distortion or graining. They’re often used by businesses such as banks, where theft is a high risk.


Night vision CCTV cameras

Night vision CCTV cameras use infrared technology to see in the dark and are the choice of businesses for whom night-time security is critical.


CCTV monitors

CCTV system installation for Adelaide BusinessesCCTV monitors allow viewing of both real-time and recorded footage. Display units range from black-and-white screens to HD colour monitors.

Types of CCTV monitors include:

  • LED (light-emitting diode) monitor.
  • LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor.

LED monitors are cheaper to run because they use less power.


CCTV recorders

Two main types of CCTV recorders are available: 

DVRs (digital video recorders) are compatible with analogue cameras and offer basic storage functionality.

NVRs (network video recorders) work with either analogue or digital cameras and have advanced features such as remote access of footage via laptops or smartphones. 


CCTV wiring

Whether you’re using analogue or digital cameras, wiring plays an important role in CCTV systems. 

Electrical wires provide the power for equipment to function, while data cables connect cameras, recorders, and display units.


How does CCTV for commercial properties work?

Closed-circuit TV business security systems capture a constant stream of images of the business site that can be viewed in real time on display monitors.

These sequences of images are also sent to recording devices to provide video footage that can be played back. 

CCTV can alert a business owner or manager or a professional monitoring company of activity or movement on business premises out of working hours, such as presence of as potential intruder

CCTV systems can be wired or wireless.


Wired CCTV vs wireless CCTV

Wired CCTV cameras transmit signals to a central hub through cables. Electrical wires power the setup while data cables link the various components of the system.

Wireless CCTV uses an internet connection. While wireless CCTV is cheap, and easy to install, it could possibly be susceptible to network failure or hacking.

Installation of a wired CCTV system is more involved than a wireless setup but may offer greater reliability – crucial in a business environment. 

Over shorter distances, the feed to the hub through a wired CCTV system remains safe and the signal won’t degrade or break.


How CCTV improves security for Adelaide Businesses

CCTV improves the security of a business by providing an effective deterrent and detection system.

For instance, a CCTV installation helps protect a business against both external and internal theft.

Would-be intruders look for easy targets that allow them to operate unseen, so the last thing they want is to be caught on camera. 

The visible presence of closed-circuit cameras on a business site means burglars are likely to seek another target. This also applies to other types of criminals including vandals and arsonists.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras inside a commercial property reduce workplace theft simply by being there. They make employees and customers think twice before committing theft.


How CCTV improves business efficiency

Closed-circuit TV helps to improve a business’s operational efficiency and performance by giving you an overview of your entire site. 

This enables better management to identify areas for improvement in day-to-day business activities. This could include measures to improve timekeeping or work safety, or reduce computer usage for non-work activities.

The presence of CCTV in a business also encourages more productive and professional staff behaviour overall.


How CCTV helps with business insurance in South Australia

A CCTV installation on a business’s premises means it’s statistically at lower risk of incident.

Some insurance providers recognise that CCTV increases a business’s security, which can mean a better deal on premiums.

Having CCTV evidence is also ideal when it to comes to making insurance claims and it can be highly beneficial for your case.


A brief history of CCTV

The story of CCTV begins in the Second World War when German scientists put a camera inside a box to safely observe rockets launches.

Fast-forward to the 1970s and we see analogue CCTV cameras linked to VCRs (video cassette recorders).

In the mid-90s, CCTV DVR (digital video recording) was introduced, storing data on a hard disk.

Digital video recorders were later equipped with internet connectivity for remote monitoring using a computer.

Then along came digital internet protocol CCTV. This development significantly simplified installation and maintenance of surveillance systems. 

Looking to the future, integration of developing technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) is likely to produce CCTV systems with greater capabilities and more automation.


CCTV installation in Adelaide

CMA Electrical can install a CCTV system for your Adelaide BusinessCCTV installation in the Adelaide area by CMA Electrical and Data gives businesses an extra pair of eyes – you can’t be everywhere at once.

You get peace of mind through being more in control of what’s happening day to day, in the knowledge that you have the best possible safeguard against criminals.

These business security systems also help you to improve workplace safety and productivity, and will stand you in good stead if you have to make an insurance claim. 

A family-owned and -managed company, CMA Electrical and Data installs state-of-the-art CCTV for commercial properties run by a broad spectrum of businesses.

We customise these surveillance systems to your specific needs for optimal security protection, and offer a full consultation, design and installation service.

Our CCTV systems are built around advanced hardware and software to provide:

  • High image clarity.
  • Fast frames-per-second rate for smooth video quality. 
  • Affordable data storage options.
  • Motion and face detection.
  • Licence plate recognition.

Contact us online or phone 08 8358 1410 if you’d like to know more about how our Adelaide CCTV installation service could benefit your business. 

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