The Best Lighting Options for Commercial Buildings in Adelaide

Commercial building lighting today does far more than provide functional illumination for everyday business activities.  It enables companies to increase revenue by motivating staff and attracting more customers, while helping to keep these people safe on the premises. Commercial lighting can also save money by improving energy efficiency. With so many benefits, commercial lighting installation… Read more

Electrical Wiring for Commercial Buildings

Electrical wiring for commercial buildings needs to be of the highest standard because it plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to operate efficiently and safely. Wiring provides power for circuits to run equipment such as computers and other IT apparatus and ensure optimal lighting and heating. At the same time, it safeguards employees and… Read more

CCTV Installation in Adelaide

CCTV System Installation for Adelaide Businesses CCTV – closed-circuit television – gives businesses round-the-clock security protection. Surveillance cameras deter or detect criminal activity such as burglary, vandalism and arson. CCTV can also improve business efficiency and productivity. In South Australia, for example, CCTV installation in Adelaide and further afield by CMA Electrical and Data helps… Read more

How to Find a Domestic Electrician in Adelaide

Finding a domestic electrician in Adelaide during a tradie drought Across Australia, after the series of natural disasters the whole nation has experienced, you hear the same line everywhere. You hear it at corporate functions, at barbeques or social events Anywhere busy homeowners gather to socalise or network, the same line “It’s impossible to get… Read more

Installing data cables by a qualified technician

Commercial Data Cabling in Adelaide

What is Data Cabling, and When do I Need it? You might need to consider having new data cabling installed for your home or office if you are facing any of these problems: Slow, laggy, or unreliable internet Trying to add new devices to your existing infrastructure  Renovating your home or office Expanding to a… Read more

Commercial electrician finalising work on a commercial building switchboard

Adelaide Commercial Electrician Services

Why would I need a Commercial Electrician? For starters, let’s run through the differences between Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Electricians.  All of them begin with similar knowledge and skills (how to install and repair electrical systems).  All must read documents like schematics, blueprints, and technical drawings, analyse problems and follow logical paths to solutions.  You… Read more

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