Interactive Technology

Real-time interaction with data is crucial in today’s world. Users and implementors alike are only limited by the tools and implementations that they use in their day-to-day lives and operations. From the lowly smartboard to the complex smartphone, touchscreen systems have been the bulk of modern interactive technology. They offer creative and effective solutions to the ever-growing need for real-time interaction.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., we deploy modern interactive technologies that capture, process, and display data in a quick and easy manner. We are an Epson Recommended Interactive Solutions Provider that can offer customized design and implementation of modern touchscreen systems for many applications. For the past few years, our works with various businesses and schools have brought them to their objectives and expected outcomes.

Touchscreen solutions for business

Increase overall productivity. – The impact of employee experience has been recognized in recent years. Set up an employee-friendly workplace with simple smartboards or modern large-format touchscreen displays. Empower your employees by equipping them with smarter tools and implementation.

Improve market reach and customer satisfaction. Touchscreen monitors and kiosks continue to gain popularity in many sectors. From smartphones to ATMs, customers are now accustomed to using touchscreen technology for communication, entertainment, and many more. Reach out to customers with tools and implementations that they are familiar with.

Touchscreen solutions for educators

Promote active learning. The 21st-century learner needs to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. You can ensure updated pedagogy by connecting your teachers to your students with devices that are relatable to both.  Highly-interactive teaching tools such as smartboards can create better engagement and worthwhile experience for both students and teachers.

Improve management and implementation. Empower your teachers with smarter tools that make it easier to create, deliver, and assess lessons. Make it easier for administrators to manage day-to-day school operations with secure digital solutions. Touchscreen systems are versatile all-in-one solutions that will cover the needs beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Other benefits and forms of interactive technology

At CMA Electrical and Data, we understand the flexibility and scalability of modern interactive technology. We have developed and implemented many successful systems and procedures for other various purposes. Gain other benefits of modern interactive technology such as:

  • Easy and fast installation with our highly experienced team.
  • Greater reliability and performance with modern and certified solutions.
  • Reduced costs on operations and maintenance work.
  • Longer lifespan with high-quality products.
  • Accessible and responsive service support.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., collaboration is one of our top priorities. We achieve this through transparent consultations to gain a better understanding of the needs and constraints of our clients.  Over the years, we have worked on many projects of varying scale and budget. Our expertise extends beyond the businesses and schools, big and small, that we have serviced. We can provide examples of our recent projects that may be related to yours.

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