Electrical Maintenance

The feats of modern engineering have brought great advances in design and quality of electrical components. Electrical systems of varying scales can now reliably operate for years without major problems being encountered. Because of this, owners and operators are prone to a false sense of security. This makes them vulnerable to dangerous consequences when their electrical systems suddenly fail. Reliable maintenance works greatly reduce the chance of such major failures and consequences.

CMA Electrical and Data can offer a full design and implementation service of maintenance strategies for commercial electrical systems.

CMA Electrical and Data has years of experience in the design, implementation and adjustment of maintenance strategies to meet the needs of different building sizes, with a variety of electrical wiring and electrical equipment. We also have strong practical experience in the maintenance works for existing infrastructure with active equipment and systems.

For all types of work, we ensure that the design requirements follow codes and standards – both local and international. We have worked with various commercial and educational institutions in ensuring the safety and reliability of their electrical systems across South Australia.


Heat dissipation from wiring slowly degrades the performance and safety of their protective covering over time. Electrical faults are often caused by such. In addition, electrical faults are the leading causes of fires in homes and commercial buildings that experience regular electrical consumption.

We offer complete servicing for both interior and exterior wirings of buildings of any size. We also have extensive experience in servicing low- to high-voltage wirings. Our rewiring service can range from spot replacement to complete overhauling, depending on your needs and constraints.

Testing electrical systems

Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of electrical systems besides the wiring. We have a team of dedicated licensed professionals with complete knowledge and expertise of electrical components for lighting, communications, surge protection, and voltage regulation. We understand that these components are both at-risk and are risks to electrical faults.

We offer tests of performance and safety of both electrical components and systems. Our tests range from basic to advanced and low- to high-voltage testing for components, equipment and systems of various sizes. In all of our procedures, safe operating standards are strictly followed and ensured.

Repairing electrical faults

Electrical faults are bound to happen after prolonged operation.  Local and international safe operating standards ensure that they do not happen. Repairs and replacements are inevitable to ensure continued operations and safety for all.

We recognize the delicate balance between repair and replacement, and needs and constraints. We offer a complete range of options from detection to replacement of defective electrical components. Our experience on various levels of needs and budget will be useful in bringing you safe work.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., preventive maintenance is our priority. Early identification and prompt solution of problems are keys to avoiding loss of life and property. For your electrical maintenance needs, get in touch with one of our experienced staff today.

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