Access Control

Valuable equipment, physical assets, and data are often housed on-site. Proper authorization must only be granted and monitored for eligible personnel. For some businesses, a significant number of employees come and go to the building. Authentication of their identity for security and record-keeping purposes is an obvious need. A modern access control system can solve both needs by handling both authorization and authentication. An access control system is the first layer in securing people and assets by tracking and regulating entry access.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd, we offer building-wide access control systems for numerous clients with differing requirements.

Our vast array of ready-to-deploy systems can be customised to suit the specific access requirements of the building. When needed, we can further increase the security features of more sensitive areas. We offer the full process of design, install and support for our access control systems.

PIN and Keycard door controls

PIN codes and keypad-based access control systems are simple and ubiquitous. They can stand alone as an effective basic authorization and authentication solution for small to big buildings. Combining them with other solutions will result in improved access security. Fast adaptation among users will not be an issue, owing to familiarity.

Card-based access control systems are flexible solutions that can range from simple proximity and swipe cards to more advanced smart card systems. Their versatility lies in their physical key format that can also store other pertinent data for advanced authorization and authentication functions.  Proximity and swipe cards are perfect for basic and low-security access control. Smart cards, meanwhile, are applicable for advanced applications. Just like keypad-based systems, combining card-based solutions with other systems will result in improved access security.

Biometric security controls

Biometric access control systems are now common solutions. Portable devices like smartphones and laptops carry them as standard security solutions. Biometric access control systems are stronger solutions as biometric data are unique, permanent and yet collectible. Users must be physically present in order for authentication and authorization to happen.

Fingerprint readers are the most common biometric access control systems that offer greater security than PIN inputs and physical cards. They are fast and reliable for day-to-day operations. Facial recognition scanners offer a hygienic advantage compared to fingerprint readers. Retinal eye scanners take this method further by using the unique eye patterns of individuals.

CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd. strongly recommends the use of multiple types of access control systems when security is of utmost priority. This could be achieved by strategically combining different types of solutions and deploying them on important areas.

At CMA Electrical and Data Pty Ltd., we have years of experience working on access control systems for various businesses. We have worked with single-door buildings, multi-building facilities, and everything in between. We understand that access control systems are modular, giving you options that address your needs and constraints.  We provide complete solutions and service for your access control needs. For inquiries and quotations, get in touch with one of our experienced staff today.

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